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Donor Privacy & Data Retention Policy

For many years, hackers didn't bother with the nonprofit sector -- they were busy pursuing Fortune 500 companies and banking institutions. Unfortunately, that is not the case any longer. Nonprofits, especially databases that house wealth information, giving histories, anecdotal notes, and credit card information have made their way on to hacker's radar. Protect your organization and your donors by implementing this policy!

  • Articulate what data will and won't be put into the database
  • Have a protocol for what happens when data is breached
  • Understand industry standards when it comes to indefinite data retention vs limited data retention

What You Get with This Policy:

  • Sample access and security settings for database users, including standards for employee and consultant login
  • A deep dive, with examples, of how your organization should record anecdotal information about donors, including meeting notes
  • A plan that your organization can follow in the event of a data breach, including who to involve and when to notify donors of a breach
  • Standards for ensuring that donors who wish to remain anonymous are coded within the database 

Relevant for all databases and all sizes of development departments


Still not sold? Let's talk about some of the amazing outcomes of doing this exercise!

Agreed-upon, Written Standards 

Your organization will possess written standards that ensure 1) appropriate data is entered into the database about donors, 2) access and security settings are in a good place, and 3) that data is retained for the appropriate amount of time. 


You'll Have a Plan 

Instead of waiting until a potential data breach occurs, you'll be equipped to spring into action. This policy comes with a section specifically detailing what the organization will do in the event of a data breach. 

Quickly Onboard New Staff 

Whether it's Development, IT, Finance, or Marketing, you'll be able to quickly onboard new staff by providing a written policy and procure for handling the event of a data breach. 

The perfect policy for your playbook...

Our suite of policies & procedures are designed to help you write, implement, and engage staff, board and leadership.

Policies & procedures include Donor Privacy & Data Retention, Reconciliation Policy, Pledge Management & Write Off Polices, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the policy?

In addition to the policy, you'll receive a video lesson that will walk you through exact steps to take with the team and to implement the policy. Every policy will need to be customized for your organization, but this is going to be a great springboard for you!

Is this policy refundable?

Once you have downloaded the policy, your purchase is non-refundable. Our goal is to deliver and delight, and we believe our policies & procedures will do just that. If you need help with a policy, contact us at [email protected] 

How does this work?

After you purchase the policy, we'll email it right to your Inbox. The policy is completely customizable and should serve as a template for making it relevant for your organization. You'll also get a video lesson that comes in the email.

What kind of support is available?

We've got you. We'll check in with you via email to see how you're doing. Additionally, we have a private group inside the portal where you can engage with others who purchased policies. This is where you can get advice and feedback from your peers.

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